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Application of Galvo Scanner in Laser Welding

Galvo scanning laser welding is a welding method of high accuracy realized through a beam of laser with great energy manipulated by the galvo scanner. In this case, laser radiation heats up a work piece’s surface and melts it into a specified molten pool with inward heat infiltrating from the surface through adjusting pulse laser width, peak power and repeating frequency. It is now popularly accepted in welding mini-sized components due to its unique merits. The 3D laser galvo scanners from Sino-Galvo rank at the top level worldwide. These galvo scanners, which are of high power, broad scanning area and visual tracking function, are technically capable of welding on complicated titanium alloy components and shaping at one shot.

In laser welding, CW laser is usually seen. When power density reads more than 105~107W/cm2, relevantly big width-depth ratio and fast welding speed is achieved on surfaces of metal. Energy conversion is completed through small holes structure at the same time. Small holes and melting metal around hole wall move forward in parallel to guide beam. Melted metal fills up the gaps left after holes removed and solidifies into weld seam.

Major application

Equipment manufacturing: Laser Galvo laser welding has been upgraded in the way towards high power and intelligence. Sedans production sees a lot of laser welding technique application. YAG laser can be used to weld ultra-thin pieces of metal sheets of no more than 100 microns, which can hardly achieved by traditional ways.

Powder metallurgy: Power metallurgy has unique advantages over traditional metallurgic materials in manufacturing automobiles, aircrafts and cutting tools. By laser welding, weld strength and thermo stability will be enhanced to solve problems emerging in connecting with other components.

Electronics: Laser welding presents superior in integrated circuits and semi-conductors encapsulation with small heat affected area, fast and intensive heat as well as low thermal stress. It is also applied in R&D of vacuum devices such as molybdenum focus electrode, stainless steel supporting ring, rapid thermal cathode filament components, etc.

Biomedical science: Compared with traditional ways of suture, laser welding brings fast coincidence without foreign reaction. Fixed parts will recover into original shapes biomechanically. This assures the technique of popularity.