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The Research & Application of Galvanometer Scanner in 3D Printing

3D printing represents its magic in printing not only plastic, resin, but metal, ceramics and other unusual materials. Of course, different materials means corresponding printing technology is different. The most mature technology among them and the best development potential in the future are two technologies, SLA and SLS which all belong to laser rapid prototyping technology, the core technology is the high-quality scanning galvanometer.

SLA technology is based on the liquid photosensitive resin curing light, Laser beam can scan on the liquid surface under the control of the galvanometer scanner. The scanning track, accuracy and speed are controlled by computer to the galvanometer scanner. The focusing laser enter the scanning range through galvanometer scanner, the liquid resin curing in this range. The SLS is selective laser sintering which based on all kinds of material powder. With the same theory, laser beam controls galvanometer scanner to sinter various materials powder.

Both laser curing and laser sintering, the main factor affecting the printing accuracy, speed and stability is the galvanometer technology. At present, the industrial galvanometer scanning system with expensive price, long purchase time and high cost for maintenance are imported which impacts the development of domestic 3D printing.

To march into 3D printing market, Sino-Galvo has researched and developed scanning galvanometer system which have characteristics of quick setting time, high accuracy and good stability.