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The Corporate Culture is the sum of ideal faith, values, management system, behavior standard and ethics which are gradually formed in the long-term operation and can make all internal staffs corporate closely for the same goal.

As an enterprise, if product quality is viewed as the life of the company, then corporate culture must be the core soul of the life. Only if the life coexist with the soul, can the company create a highly effective and strongly powerful team with self-sacrifice working spirit, and also can continue to refresh the records, and create a new myth for the laser industry!

SINO-GALVO’s Vision:

To  become the famous brand of galvanometer scanner in the global laser industry.

SINO-GALVO’s Mission:

Insist to provide the good products and service with good price and performance.

SINO-GALVO’s Core Value:

People-oriented, Innovation by science and technology, Taking customer’s demand as center.

SINO-GALVO’s Concept:

Strengthen our industrial system, optimize our product portfolio,

Optimize our management processes, optimize our marketing concept.