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Sino-Galvo Eagle Team Sichuan Hiking 2021

They set out with their dreams, and they moved forward with their ideals.

The original mind is not confused, become the invincible eagle between heaven and earth.

Windward and far away, the Eagle Team fight again.


We're always on the road

The Eagle Team is the epitome of the spirit of Sino-Galvo, and it is also a concentrated display of the group's corporate cultural power. On May 29, 2021, the Warriors of the Eagle Team went all the way against the wind and embarked on a hiking tour of Western Sichuan.


It must be the scenery along the way that heals you.


What is Sichuan in your eyes? The typical "Impressions of Sichuan" such as hot pot and giant pandas cannot sum up all the appearance of Sichuan. It's said that the great beauty of Sichuan lies in Western Sichuan, where the beauty is mysterious and gorgeous.

Step into the Changping Valley, adjoining mountains and valleys all the way, snow-capped mountains and red rocks, and moss pine needles paved.


There are no rules here of the seasons, the wind and snow in the jungle cannot conceal the vigorous vitality of the mountains, and the roar of the river is enough to ring through the world.




Western Sichuan also has the hidden atmosphere of human fireworks, just like a picture in a movie, simple and elegant, full of inviolable atmosphere.



It's undeniable that all the troubles here can be dispelled, making people want to integrate into the world.


Sichuan Yuntu Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of our company, integrated into the tourist routes of western Sichuan and developed a number of boutique homestays. They are located in Tianqing in Chengdu, "the land of abundance", Yuntu card full house in Jiaju Zangzhai, "The most beautiful village", and "Outdoor paradise" at Fushan Meisu on Mount Siguniang, they silently accept everyone who comes from afar. Apart from the fast pace of work, the members of the Eagle Team have enjoyed a rare and pleasant time here.

1Tianqing International Youth Hostel



2Yuntu Card Full House



3Fu Shan Mei Su



Even if it's unknown, stick to it.

Some people say that hiking is a kind of spiritual practice. On the road, you should cultivate your body and mind. Every inch of the footsteps of the Eagle Team is not only a road, but also a kind of freedom, a kind of free and easy, a kind of release, a kind of dream and perseverance that comes from the depths of the heart.



On the first day of the hike, everyone really felt the pressure brought by the high altitude. After 9 hours, a total of 26 kilometers traveled, and even encountered heavy rain and wind and snow at the camping site, the long trek and the cold external environment test every Eagle Team member.




Relying on self-belief and the strength of the team, everyone supports each other. On the way, we found that the person who is usually vigorous and resolute is actually a warm elder brother in private, people who usually do not like to talk will also keep asking about the physical condition of team members with altitude sickness. This kind of cooperation and communication is different from the past, so that all people have discovered the other side of each other, and their sense of trust has also deepened invisibly.


When challenging the Gourd Sea, in the quiet nature, a group of people united as one, helped each other, and twisted into a powerful forward driving force on the gravel road. Even if the wind and rain continue to flow, the determination of this group of people will still be immortal.





Seek upward power in nature

Every journey is a new life. All-out hard work, perseverance to face difficulties, the fighting spirit to ignite with the team, as well as the sweat and the belief in perseverance, this is the meaning that this hike brings to each team member.

The measurement under your feet is an extension of your mind. We need this journey to accumulate ourselves and inject an inexhaustible running power for individuals and Sino-Galvo.




The brave are fearless, and the dreams and explorations in the distance continue. The 20th anniversary is just around the corner. Not only the Eagle Team, but also every staff of Sino-Galvo will use a more steady pace to advance on the road of hard work and persistence. We also believe that Sino-Galvo will always soar on the top of the snow-capped mountains like an eagle.