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Sino-Galvo at 2021 Laser World of Photonics Show


On March 17th, the 16th Munich Shanghai Optical Expo was grandly opened in the expectation of many people. Well-known brands at home and abroad gathered together to showcase the innovative technologies of the laser industry from a global perspective and present a broader future development prospects for the modern manufacturing industry.

As a leading brand in the global laser industry, Sino-Galvo showcased high-quality products and the latest technological achievements such as high-performance 2D galvanometers, laser cleaning systems, dynamic focus systems, etc. The super product lineup brought a shocking vision grand event.

Powerful new products, stunning appearance

At this year's optical expo, our brand new product SC1605 optical fiber handheld galvanometer made a stunning appearance, attracting many professional businessmen from all over the world to stop and enjoy the exchange, and the live response was enthusiastic

The product is equipped with the handheld scanning technology independently developed by our company, which is convenient for multi angle marking in narrow working scenes, and equipped with embedded marking control assistant, which can realize remote operation of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and is suitable for on-site handheld marking of large equipment and heavy parts.




Service is supreme

During the exhibition, our old and new friends gathered at the booth to share innovative technologies, exchange industry experience, and discuss industry development. Professional products and services have won high recognition from many industry colleagues.



At this meeting, our company not only has professional and technical personnel to provide meticulous technical answers to the different needs of the company, but also on-site marking practical demonstrations and vivid video introductions, so that visitors can feel the charm of the products more intuitively. 




Stable galvanometer, created by Sino-Galvo

After two years of severe epidemic situation, our company has strived to improve quality and technology on the original foundation, supported by ingenious product quality and high-quality services, and deeply explored product applications in the fields of lidar and automobile manufacturing.

By the end of this exhibition, our company has gained in-depth cooperation intentions from many customers with strong technical strength and broad market space, laying a more solid foundation for future development.




In the future, our company will definitely live up to expectations, maintain stability and improve in the laser industry, and strive to provide global professional customers with better products and services. Technology leads, creates and enjoys the future, Sino-Galvo is willing to work with you to dream of a better tomorrow.