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Sino-Galvo on Stage, Smart Production Unveiling the Future

The advent of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2019 was witnessed in Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 20th. It attracted over 1,300 experienced enterprises with expertise to the coastal city of Shanghai exchanging ideas and sniffing around for crossover cooperation. 

As one of the leading manufacturers in global galvo scanner industry, Sino-Galvo Technology brought its most state-of-the-art products along to the Expo. By laying out Dynamic Focus Galvo Scanners, Laser Cleaning Galvo Scanners, Auto-Focusing Galvo Scanners and Visual Positioning Galvo Scanners, Sino-Galvo Technology achieved approvals and praises from all aspects.

1. Cooperation of Strong Counterparts 

During the fast development of industrial manufacturing, the technology of laser welding has drawn attention from the market thanks to its advantages of high effect, convenience and harmlessness to environment. It is now widely applied in auto manufacturing, railway transportation, aeronautics and space, etc.

In the Expo, our company displayed 8kw high power auto-welding system with the help of Yaskawa Group, which has been known for their top robotics technologies. 

Industrial users crowded to and stopped by our booth, inquiring into the products.

2. Focus Drawn from around the Show

The latest-developed Visual Positioning galvo scanner made its debut in the Expo. It lived up to our expectation by constantly being in the spotlight of visitors’ sight.

Visual Positioning system, without positioning done manually, makes systematic integration easy by smart-recognizing objects’ positions and outputting through protocol. It comes with accuracy way higher than human eyes, frees up people from burdening work and shortens processing cycles.

3. Innovation Delivering Smart Production

Modern manufacturers has been striding to smart production. Thus, auto-focusing galvo scanners was consulted upon and highly spoken of in the Expo.

Carrying a distance detector imported from America, the product can be one-touch preset to the designated focusing height. Stable, accurate, fast and anti-interfering as it is, Auto-focusing system has reached a leading standard home and abroad.